Turtle Beach Headphones

Turtle Beach Systems TBS-2155 XB360AC Ear Force X11 Amplified Headset

These are my new headphones. Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 XBox Live Chat with Amplified Stereo Game Sound Headset, about $60. I have a one-ear mic set for my PC, to use for DDO or just to listen to videos since my pc setup at my parents’ house has no speakers, but my monitor (which my XBox sound is piped through) has no connection for headphones. My XBox is in my mom’s office, and she doesn’t particularly like listening to me shooting people, so I wanted some headphones. There are a lot of cords (red and white component cables, a green audio cable, a cord from your controller to the headphones for the mic to plug into XBL chat, a USB power cord, etc.) and I had to buy another $4 cord from Amazon (to split the audio from the HDMI cable so I could use the red/white component cables) just to make it work. However, the headphones are light enough, comfortable, and man are they awesome. I’ve been playing games for so long on my computer monitor, w/ just the monitor’s speakers, in rooms with TV, other people, computer noise, or screaming children that I never even heard all the sounds I heard last night. Some of it was quite annoying though. Apparently, in Fallout, even out in the middle of nowhere you can still hear someone dropping a glass bottle every minute or two, and someone needs to tell that dog to stop howling! Also, many of the sounds, whether the radio, the voice acting, or even the environment sometimes sounded tinny, like you could tell it was from a studio. Either way, it lets me hear my game and makes it so my mom doesn’t have to. Win-win!


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