LA Noire Again

No Rest For The WickedThe BrassMoth To A Flame

These three are story line missions, complete all cases on Vice and Arson, and achieve maximum rank (20). Continue reading


L.A. Noire

Got back into this one pretty deep. The game itself is a little stale once you’ve been playing for a while. You drive, but don’t hit anyone or anything. You can shoot, but only certain missions at certain times, and you don’t have different guns to choose from (except picking them up from bodies). You pretty much spend your time wandering around people’s houses, picking up their stuff, and accusing people of lying to you. The story got pretty good for a little bit during Homicide, but now on Vice, it’s back to plain vanilla. Speaking of which, I think I’ll have some ice cream. 🙂 Continue reading

Slow Day

Played quite a bit Mass Effect early, but no achievements there yet. I’m having a really rough time on Hunt Volcano on Pinnacle Station on Insanity. It seems like it stops giving time for kills after 20-something. I’ve read that a lot of other people have that issue as well, but there are just as many who do not. Continue reading

L.A. Noire for Parents

I think I’ve played enough of the game to do this now. This will also be an opportunity to work on my layout for reviews intended for parents who ask “Is this game appropriate for my kid?” Continue reading

L.A. Noire Part 1

L.A. Noire

I’ve been playing this one for… about five hours. I’m not rushing it or using a guide for my initial playthrough. I’m sure there will be time to go back and pick up achievements later. I am, however, hopping in every car in the parking lots I wind up in, and jumping in every obviously unique vehicle to make the “Drive one of each of 95 vehicles” achievement. Continue reading