Of Dice and Men

of dice and men

Of Dice and Men, David Ewalt

Rating: A natural 20

New book, yay! Consumed this one in all of twenty-four hours, including sleep, eating, and some other intelligent pursuits (and a couple games as Dez Bryant in NCAA 14). I was expecting an ethnography, much like Communities of Play or Coming of Age in Second Life, but alas, it was more and less than that.

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I was surfing from link to link today, filling out my Accredible profile, when I stumbled upon a blog from my old high school. I was looking for pictures of my ROTC unit, and while I did find an article detailing their success at competitions (Go Chargers!), I also saw an article labelled “Girls and Video Games.” Naturally I was curious.

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Online Gaming: Anonymous Communication

Online Gaming: Anonymous Communication


“Drink pots if you got ‘em [sic].  I’m down to echoes and having trouble keeping the tank healed.”  The previous statement was recorded during a session of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMO).  Each of the words in the statement is a recognizable term in English, though the usage is not customary.  Each segment of society has its own language and jargon for the world around it.  Online gaming is no exception, and while some terms, such as “tank” are common across an entire genre (MMOs), others like “echoes” are specific to one game or another.  Language, however, is not only about the words that are used, but a number of details, some more subtle than others, which provides the context necessary to understand a particular utterance.  With the understanding that not all potential readers readily understand gaming terminology, and to minimize the amount of space spent in explanation of terms, each highlighted term is explained in the Glossary of Terms prior to the Reference page.  By analyzing several hours of communication taking place within the contexts of two very different video games, one can discover the differences and similarities between the languages of each of the games and the general population. Continue reading

Sponsor a Gamer!

I am participating in G3, gaming for charity. Proceeds from my gaming will go towards St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. Head to the link for details or to make a donation. I’ll be playing around 6 hours during the specified time.