Red Faction Final

So at first, this being my first Red Faction game, I didn’t understand why everybody was calling it a linear shooter, like it was a bad thing. After all, Call of Duty is a short linear shooter more focused on multiplayer than the story. Why would a longer, broader linear shooter be so bad? Then I found out that the original Red Faction games were open world, more or less. Ah. I get it. You’re mourning your series, not this particular game. Gotcha.

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Red Faction Part 3

Since it takes a week and a day to get new Gamefly games, and I got Mass Effect recently to do some achievement cleanup, I’m really trying to finish RF:A off. I finished the story missions today on Insane, then went back into New Game Plus on Casual to clean-up there. It is much easier to kill things with your maul or search for little green data chips when you aren’t running for your life. Since you can buy cheats for your second playthrough, you have a choice- play Insane then cheat Casual to just cleanup, or play Casual then cheat Insane. I don’t think it has an effect on the achievements. Continue reading

Red Faction Part 2

Did quite a bit in the story today between an ethics paper, a feisty toddler and a short jaunt into Mass Effect. I’m really kinda liking this game. Just when shooting people gets tedious, it throws you into the LEO Exosuit, a walker, or a flier to continue doing battle in a new way. I’m currently in a flier in the electrical mainframe, which requires good handling while trying not to let the aliens blow you up. There is a good mix of old-fashioned shooter and tactical abilities in the form of the nanoforge. Continue reading

Random Check In

Just wanted to check in with everyone and point you to a new treasure I found- Cargo Bridge. It’s on the Google Chrome App store and is a great physics based game about building a bridge so your little guys and their elephants don’t fall into the canyons below. Just a warning- don’t ever walk on a bridge I designed. They are mighty ugly. Continue reading