Achievement Unlocked: Taste Ingredients



Gem Paragons

In the Forgotten Vale, in Dawnguard, when you defeat Frost Giants, some of them drop XXX Paragons, such as Sapphire, Amethyst, and Diamond. Near one of the giants, at the top of a series of waterfalls, is a small broken ruin, little more than a platform and a broken archway. If you insert the paragon into the receptacle, a magic portal will open. Stepping through, you’ll be in a part of a dungeon you couldn’t otherwise reach with treasures around you, either loose or in chests. I’ve picked up quite a few potions, gems, gold coins, and scrolls from these areas. They are well worth the journey. Also, don’t forget to grab the paragon when you jump back through the portal! They’re worth upwards of 1000 gold themselves!

Better location details: From the Shrine of Learning: head NW up the river. Go up the ancient stairway/hill between two waterfalls. At a ledge, you can turn left, look over the gorge and see another wayshrine. Instead, turn right. You’ll see another frost giant’s lair at the base of a waterfall across the river. Drop down, and the portal is on your side of the river.


Well, it’s finally here. You know you’re playing an RPG when you are sent to find object A, and when you get to it, someone says “I’ll give you A, but first you have to go to B and do C to the D.” When you get to B, someone else tells you to go to E and find the F that you can use at G to kill the H so you can get B, take it back to the first guy who will then say he was mistaken! A was stolen by I and now you have to undertake a spiritual journey to find five pieces of J so you can defeat K to finally receive A just to finish the first quest of ten!  Continue reading

I know… I know…

I haven’t been getting a lot done on the blog side of things. Life got a little more hectic for a time, and what time I did have to cool down playing games, I didn’t really feel like having to “work” afterwards. However, I am currently taking a “business ethics” class, and as part of the class, I have to choose a company to research. As a gamer, of course I chose a video game company. Electronic Arts to be precise. I plan on investigating their use of DRM and the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the context of ethics. Do they treat their customers in an ethical way regarding these two instances? So far, I’ve only gotten some of the initial research done, but I will try to supply fairly regular updates until completion.

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The Steed

Just a real quick note tonight. I now have three characters that are between levels 15 and 25. One, a Khajiit stealth master who uses a bow or one handed blade with destruction magic in the other hand destined to be a Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood member. Two, a pure High Elf mage to be a College and Imperial Legion member. Three, a Nord warrior for Companions and Stormcloaks. If you haven’t figured it out, I like a bit of role-playing, so my Nord doesn’t pick up alchemy ingredients (on purpose anyway) unless it is a trophy from a kill or something worth lots of gold. She also doesn’t steal. I’ve now fully been able to say that yes, no matter what your preferred playstyle (tactical, stealth, mage, or hack and slash (ish) this game is ridiculously fun to play. Continue reading

Heh, I forgot my method

I was so into talking about stealing souls that I forgot the last post was supposed to be two parts. My method, if you’re curious, is this: Rather than picking a questline, like Main Quest, Thieves Guild, or Companions, and doing them from start to finish, I’ve decided I’m going to do just about everything. The best way I can figure to do this is by going geographically. Continue reading

Skyrim Questions, and my method

Well, I just hit 25 with my Khajiit, and let me tell you, once you hit 20-ish, leveling slows down quite a bit. That’s all part of the design though. Each skill contributes to overall level, but each skill is more difficult to level the higher you get, so if you specialize a lot, you’ll get much better at those skills (like a specialist would) but you’ll end up waiting longer and longer between levels. On the other hand, if you don’t want to specialize, you won’t get excessively great at any one thing (like a jack-of-all-trades, master of none would) but you’ll find that your leveling won’t slow quite as fast since you have several other low level skills to focus on.

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Round Two: Necromancer

Necromancy was made illegal by the Mages Guild in Cyrodiil during the events of Oblivion. I have not seen such action two hundred years later in Skyrim, but I think it’s time to try it out.

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