Final Toy Story 3

The game has some “minor” glitches, that unfortunately mean I won’t get 1000GS without completely replaying the game. The candy shop never unlocked, even though I got a quest involving it. Because of that, I won’t get all of the costumes, which means I probably won’t be able to do all the Pict-o-matics, and I definitely won’t be able to get all the gold stars or purchase all items. Rather than sink another 5 hours into the game, seeing if I can do everything else, I’m cutting my losses. that’s 200 GS I won’t see.

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More Toy Story and A Little Rock Band

Cuddly TownSpooky Town These first two are for buying stuff from the Al’s chicken. I only have one thing left to purchase. Continue reading

Toy Story 3 Full Review

I finished the story mode tonight, along with some more of the Sandbox mode. There are parts of this game that I might be above the capabilities of a 10 year old, which is what the game is rated for. I have no issue with the rating of E10+. Continue reading

Toy Story 3, Part 1

Only played a little bit tonight, enough to sample the wares. I have quite a bit of reading to do over the next 5 weeks, so I thought I’d get a head start on that instead.

Toy Story 3 is an E 10+ rated game based on the hit movie of the same title. Seriously, the movie was super-awesome, possibly even if you don’t care for kids movies. I think I cried the last half hour of the thing. Anyway, when I first heard about this game, it really piqued my interest because of one thing: Toy Box Mode. There is a story to play through, but there is also an open world sort of mode where you just take any character and run around doing things for other people. In a way, it reminded me of a more interesting WoW. Some missions are “paint 3 buildings” or “gather 5 cowbells,” but some are racing on Bullseye or stunt track driving in a (semi-)customizable car. You can pick up townsfolk and throw them into the tailor shop or barbershop to customize each character. Some missions want you to re-create a picture by customizing some characters and taking a picture of it. Continue reading