Some Videos of Upcoming Games

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (My most desired game of the year)

Spike E3 Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Saints Row the Third


Gaming News 6/2

Duke Nukem Forever has a launch trailer! (Warning- not safe for kids or work…) Head over to G4 to take a look.

The only PlayStation exclusive game I ever got into was Uncharted. Continue reading

An Old Friend- Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

The game is like GTA, but it is more over-the-top and makes fun of itself more. GTA is more serious. The facial expressions in character creation are hideous and hilarious at the same time. I’ve done a few of the achievements, so it might be a day or two before I pick up any new ones. I’m starting from a fresh game. I did recall how many issues I had with this game freezing though. It’s a good thing it auto-saves so frequently. Continue reading