I know… I know…

I haven’t been getting a lot done on the blog side of things. Life got a little more hectic for a time, and what time I did have to cool down playing games, I didn’t really feel like having to “work” afterwards. However, I am currently taking a “business ethics” class, and as part of the class, I have to choose a company to research. As a gamer, of course I chose a video game company. Electronic Arts to be precise. I plan on investigating their use of DRM and the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the context of ethics. Do they treat their customers in an ethical way regarding these two instances? So far, I’ve only gotten some of the initial research done, but I will try to supply fairly regular updates until completion.

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Finally finished my “2nd” Mass Effect playthrough. It’s actually my 3rd complete playthrough and probably 50th attempt (I like to make new characters), but this was the 2nd with the intent of getting Ally achievements, and thus completing “a majority of the game.” It was the first time I’d ever actually saved the Council. Even my very first playthrough, as a paragon, I still let them die… lol.

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Final Toy Story 3

The game has some “minor” glitches, that unfortunately mean I won’t get 1000GS without completely replaying the game. The candy shop never unlocked, even though I got a quest involving it. Because of that, I won’t get all of the costumes, which means I probably won’t be able to do all the Pict-o-matics, and I definitely won’t be able to get all the gold stars or purchase all items. Rather than sink another 5 hours into the game, seeing if I can do everything else, I’m cutting my losses. that’s 200 GS I won’t see.

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Mass Effect, Part 5

Big day today. Completed Pinnacle Station and Virmire with 26 hours in. I finally unlocked Ashley’s Ally, so Tali shouldn’t be too far behind. Now that I have the final world unlocked, I’ll go back and clean up more side quests until Tali’s is unlocked, then finish it off. I may even hit 50 this go-round. I’m at 47 now. Continue reading

Mass Effect, Part 4

I went ahead and got Pinnacle Station because, quite frankly, I was tired of not getting Ashley and Tali’s achievements to pop. Now, I’m stuck on the Time Trials. I breezed through the other six, but I am having major issues getting 1st place in either of the time trials… and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m on Hardcore difficulty. If it were Casual (or even Normal) I’d probably have no issues. I can’t lower the difficulty though, or I ruin my Hardcore achievement. /sigh. Anyway, at least the DLC opens 3 more achievements. Continue reading

Mass Effect, Part 3

I’ve been trying to earn at least one achievement each day, but if I plan on playing Mass Effect much longer, I’ll have to diversify the games I play. Because I’ve already earned all the easier ones, I pretty much have to finish the game 3 times to earn the rest. I did get one today, for using Stasis 75 times.
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Mass Effect 1, Part 2

Got my “first” playthrough through several side missions, Noveria, and Therum. Went back to the Citadel to do the Round 2 missions and finish up the keepers.

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Mass Effect

So I got Mass Effect to clean up some achievements, and remembered why I hadn’t gotten the Hardcore achievement the first time. Last time, I started with Hardcore, but Lady Benezia kicked my butt. Seriously. So I figured, if I’m just playing for story, and I give up on the Hardcore achievement, I’ll just go all the way down to Casual. So I did. This time, I was stuck on Benezia again… but I figured it out. Continue reading

Random Check In

Just wanted to check in with everyone and point you to a new treasure I found- Cargo Bridge. It’s on the Google Chrome App store and is a great physics based game about building a bridge so your little guys and their elephants don’t fall into the canyons below. Just a warning- don’t ever walk on a bridge I designed. They are mighty ugly. Continue reading