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A Return to My Roots

Besides just being an allusion to a quest in TESV Skyrim, the title of this post is to signify that I am going to go back to what this blog was supposed to be: Continue reading

I know… I know…

I haven’t been getting a lot done on the blog side of things. Life got a little more hectic for a time, and what time I did have to cool down playing games, I didn’t really feel like having to “work” afterwards. However, I am currently taking a “business ethics” class, and as part of the class, I have to choose a company to research. As a gamer, of course I chose a video game company. Electronic Arts to be precise. I plan on investigating their use of DRM and the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the context of ethics. Do they treat their customers in an ethical way regarding these two instances? So far, I’ve only gotten some of the initial research done, but I will try to supply fairly regular updates until completion.

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So, it’s been a while, huh? Yeah, I kinda got tired of playing crappy games just to increase my GamerScore and playing games I wouldn’t normally play just to “review” them. So, I guess I’ll just talk about games I actually enjoy for a while. I realized I didn’t really want to do what I had been doing when I popped in Oblivion over Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm was just too ridiculous. Oblivion? Best game I’ve ever played, and even better when modded (correctly). I 1000’d (and then all the DLCs) this game long, long ago, but I still love to play it. I had it on my old computer, heavily modded, but then my PC died of a million viruses (which I don’t think was related). The Fifth Anniversary Edition came out, and I realized I missed good games, so I went out and got a copy and started downloading mods.

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Some Videos of Upcoming Games

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (My most desired game of the year)

Spike E3 Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Saints Row the Third