About Jennawynn

From the NES to GameBoy, SEGA Genesis to GameGear, to the Wii, XBox 360 and PS3, I’ve been a gamer. No, not the girl gamer who only plays the Sims and “fashion” games, but Mario, Call of Duty, and Fallout. I’ve been shouting the benefits of gaming from the rooftops, and hearing the echoes of “violent video games are bad for society” bouncing back.

I run this blog for a few different reasons, so let me list them.

-For Gamers: I am a gamer. It’s my preferred source of entertainment, and I have played quite a few in my time. I, like many of us in this generation, also like to tell people my opinions. When I do get the opportunity to play a game early in its life (launch or earlier), I’ll post reviews. I’ll also have a running commentary on other games I’m playing, or pointing out news that some may not hear. Honestly, a lot of this is for my gamer friends who don’t have enough time in their own lives to keep up with it the way I do.

-For Parents: I am a mother. I worry about my four year old watching as I shoot a Nazi in the head. I also know what the ESRB is, and how it works, unlike a lot of people. When I get a chance to do a full review, I’ll also post a “For Parents” review that will focus on the education value and potentially harmful elements of a game. These reviews are less about graphics and plot, and more about profanity, nudity, and morality.

-For Academia: I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology and wrote a few different papers in school on gaming and gamer culture that I’ve reposted here. I’m also continuing to read and learn about the subject in preparation for a future career and/or graduate school.

-For Charity: I also participate in the Extra Life foundation which organizes marathon gaming events for children’s hospitals. I’ve participated every year since 2011 and will continue to do so.

-For Me: As I said, I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree, and will be looking forward to continuing my education in a Master’s/PhD Program and/or looking for work. Whether that work is in academia, studying gamer culture, or in the media as a professional reviewer, I’d love to be able to feed my family through gaming. This blog is the best way I know to showcase my research and ability. I have a few years still before my husband retires from the Navy, but I am interested in starting down the path.


As for me, I’m a former Navy sailor, a mom, and a Navy wife. I love gaming, whether tabletop or video, and culture studies intrigue me. I hope to put the two together.


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