Extra Life 2014

I’m not sure how I managed to forget to post it here when I remembered Facebook, Jennawynn on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, but EXTRA LIFE IS BACK AGAIN!

Saturday, I’ll be participating in the 24 hour gaming marathon for St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas, a member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I’ll primarily be playing Fable II (360), Madden 15 (XBox One), and a nice D&D session on Skype with my gaming group. I’ll probably play some other stuff too and wind up playing mobile games while I eat or if I need a break from my chair.

If you want to help, AWESOME! I’m just a little shy of my personal goal. I’m playing as part of the TrueAchievements group which is about $2k from its goal, and as a whole, ExtraLife 2014 has raised over $2MILLION!! Follow the link and help me reach my goal (and earn a t-shirt!) and help TA get to theirs.

DO IT FOR THE KIDS! (<— that’s the link. Push it. Do it. You know you wanna.)


Quick review: NFL Pro 2013

I need to jumpstart my reviews and my gaming in general after taking almost 6 weeks off from gaming and who knows how long from reviewing. So I got all my games together in a list of 468 (!!!) games I have available and had a friend pick a random number. What we got is an old Android app that I had long since deleted: NFL Pro 2013.

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Taking stock.

It’s been a while since I updated anything in this area. I’ve been pretty busy with the comic and D&D… and just playing games. So…. here’s an update!

I went over 50,000 GamerScore about a month ago, 75,000 TrueAchievement Score two weeks ago, and finished my 34th game (Fallout: New Vegas) last week. I now have 2,639 achievements in 111 games for a score of 53,497 (78,255 TA). Nowhere near Stallion’s record, I know, but it’s a milestone for me regardless.

I think the number I’m most proud of, though, is my 54% completion ratio. There are some games with an achievement or two I’ll never get due to skill (Rock Band 3’s Is This Just Fantasy has an 11.26 ratio!), lack of nearby gamer friends *and* skill (Guitar Hero 3’s Living Legends), lack of a Kinect on my 360 (Madden 25, looking at you!), they’ve been disabled or rendered unobtainable due to multiplayer servers being pulled down, or just little to no desire to play another 100+ hours on a game for one achievement. Yet even with those, and the several games I’ve put in long enough to get one achievement and determine that I *hate* the game, I still have more than half the possible achievements of all the games I’ve played. I’m working on making this a higher number. I think 75% is going to be my master goal. I have a huge backlog I’m working through, trying to clean up as many missing achievements and crappy games as I can while I wait for new XBox One games.

I also earned a pair of achievements that I hadn’t honestly thought I would be able to earn- the First Round Bye and Super Bowl Victory achievements in Madden 25’s Ultimate Team mode. I went 11-2 against real players after a long time spent upgrading my team. There are a lot of achievements you can earn in a very cheesy sort of way, so when I earn one like this with actual skill, it really means something to me.

Backlog: Prison Break: The Conspiracy


Title: Prison Break: The Conspiracy
Developer: ZootFly (Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory and Dunes of War)
Publisher: Deep Silver (Dead Island, Metro, Saint’s Row IV)
Platforms: MS, PS3, 360
Release: March 30, 2010
Genre: Action-Adventure

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Initial)

Let’s just say right off the bat, this game is beautiful. Great art style, and it’s amazing how climbing up a mountain in a spatial puzzle game like this, you can still see the things going on in the village below.


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Steam Sale: Batman Arkham Asylum and City GOTY


The Game of the Year Editions of the first two games in the series (Asylum and City) are on sale this weekend for $12.50 combined. I haven’t played them, so I can’t say much except that they are widely considered the best Batman games ever made. Wanted to pass the news along, even if I don’t have more to say.

The third game, Batman: Arkham Origins is out next week on Friday.