Quick review: NFL Pro 2013

I need to jumpstart my reviews and my gaming in general after taking almost 6 weeks off from gaming and who knows how long from reviewing. So I got all my games together in a list of 468 (!!!) games I have available and had a friend pick a random number. What we got is an old Android app that I had long since deleted: NFL Pro 2013.

NFL Pro 2013 in the Google Play store

Now when I first played it, it had all the terrible aspects of free app games- specifically the one where you could only play for so long before you either had to 1) pay, 2) bug a friend, or 3) play something else. Now that the game is old and probably defunct, you can play as long as you like!

It’s no Madden, and you still have the free-to-play issues like having to grind to buy everything from stadiums to play types, but it’s surprisingly decent. Real teams with real uniforms, but not real players.

I let my daughter play with me, picking plays for me and selecting the receivers to pass to. You tap once for snap then to throw, simply tap on whichever receiver icon is green. Very simple and easy for a child. I didn’t get very deep into it, but there are several issues I did notice in that time.

For one, it’s a passable football game to the casual fan, but there are several points that simply do not line up with real NFL rules. The clock doesn’t actually stop when running out of bounds (despite the announcer saying it does), and if your receiver makes a diving catch, he’s down even if nobody tags him.

There are a few features that could make this game worthwhile if you can handle it, though. individual stats to improve, actual hot routes and plays you can design, and it fits in your pocket, unlike your XBox.


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