Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Initial)

Let’s just say right off the bat, this game is beautiful. Great art style, and it’s amazing how climbing up a mountain in a spatial puzzle game like this, you can still see the things going on in the village below.


I have only played an hour of this approximately 3.5 hour game, but the game has crashed to desktop three times and once completely locked up my computer. I’m not sure if it is a Steam issue or a game issue. Unfortunately, it means I can’t get too deep into a review.

As mentioned above, the game is a spatial puzzle. Each thumbstick controls the direction of one brother (left is the big brother, right is the little brother), and the triggers are the action buttons. It takes some getting used to, using both thumbsticks to control two different characters, but for the most part, you only have to be “good” at one at a time. The only time you have to control both is when you’re moving between puzzles.

This sequence I call the “Couch Moving Simulator”:

Of course I can’t recommend a game that crashes multiple times in one hour, but if not for that, it’s a cute, beautiful, interesting game. It’s about 3.5 hours long according to


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