An Update

It’s been some time since I last posted, and I thought it deserved an explanation.  I was away with family for a couple weeks, and will be traveling on and off through the holiday season. I am still trying to provide reviews and tips/tricks for games I play, but since I will not be purchasing a next-gen system for at least a month (and thus no games that are on all systems, since I’ll be waiting to get them on the next-gen), it is hard to keep reviews current. (I am still working towards completing Planescape: Torment so I can finish that review as well!)

I am also setting the foundation for a new project. Since founding the Jennawynn Facebook page, I have wanted to add my own work to the memes and strips I share. I will be working on a comic strip that will explore video games and tabletop games. I have several ideas so far, but I am having trouble finding a drawing program that will give me the tools I want (and need). The strip itself will be a sort of back-and-forth between the long-plot D&D campaign (featuring both the characters and the players behind them) and interspersed one-shots of observational humor about the world of  gaming, whether it be specific to a game or franchise or generalized for all gamers and our habits. I know, it sounds like yet another Penny Arcade/Ctrl-Alt-Del knock-off, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by those two (as well as PvP and Table Titans), but even if all it does is get me back in touch with my creative side, I’ll count it as a victory. I’ll have a lot of work to do to get anywhere near their level of humor, writing, and artistic ability.

All of this is a way to spend my time working towards my ultimate goal- playing games for a living (in any capacity)- and filling the days until I can start to seriously work towards graduate school. Due to my husband’s commitment to the Navy, I cannot pursue graduate school until around 2015, so I am chasing other paths in the meantime. Game reviewer, comic artist, tester, gaming columnist, gaming culture anthropologist, gaming psychologist, “video game expert” on news programs, video game academic… if it lets me chase my passion and helps pay the bills, I’m open to it. For the next two years, I don’t even need the latter part. Consider me my own intern.


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