I was surfing from link to link today, filling out my Accredible profile, when I stumbled upon a blog from my old high school. I was looking for pictures of my ROTC unit, and while I did find an article detailing their success at competitions (Go Chargers!), I also saw an article labelled “Girls and Video Games.” Naturally I was curious.

Unfortunately what followed was a senseless, sexist load of bull. I get that it was written by a high school student, but I really had higher hopes for the girls in the next wave.

I’m assuming the article was written by a girl from some of the context clues, though the name in the by-line was unknown to me. The author proceeded to say that girls don’t have time or desire to excel at video games, and that no matter how hard they try, they’ll never get better. They just shoot at the sky in Halo!

As a female gamer, I’m appalled. As a woman, I’m disappointed. I really thought we’d gotten past the whole girls can’t/guys can thing. All anything takes is effort (and a few things may require a little talent). If you put the effort into learning how to do something, you can be just as good as anyone else. If you don’t like video games, if you don’t want to play them, that’s fine! Don’t. Just don’t tell everyone else that no girl is good at it, or that they shouldn’t play.

The comment section was a mixed bag. Some appropriately called the author out for her sexism. Others agreed with her, some boys even saying they wished girls didn’t play. Still another claimed girls only played because they wanted to get boys… or at least I think that’s what he was saying. I really couldn’t tell from all the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Bottom line: Sexism is bad. Girls can and do play, and play well.


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