SWAA 2013

Ok, so this post is a bit later than I had wanted. I left for the conference swamped, I was there and swamped, and then I came home still swamped, each time with different things. Now I’ve finally caught up with everything (a week off of school helps tremendously), and I can write about the Southwestern Anthropological Association Conference that was held in San Jose last week/weekend.

I presented a poster about the effects of game conditions and anonymity on video game players. You might recognize the subject from this paper which sparked the submission. Although I’ve been hesitant to really jump into video games as a subject for my research career, I did get quite a confidence boost! I was not the only person presenting subject matter pertaining to gaming, and the people who talked to me gave me warm fuzzies about going down that path. I think I’m ready to go for it.

Next step- finding, selecting, and figuring out how to pay for grad school. From what I understand, student loans are the devil, so I want to exhaust other options first. My school of choice would have to be flexible and preferably online since I’m only “guaranteed” to be in San Diego for two years, and even that is not a guarantee.

I have only two classes remaining of my Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and anticipate graduating with a 4.0/Summa Cum Laude. I’ll be walking in the ceremony next weekend and finishing my last class in July.

The conference itself was a great experience. I learned a lot from the other presenters and found reason to be thankful for my prior training as a future teacher (TEACH in high school) and a PowerPoint guru (training other sailors while in the Navy). I definitely see presenting papers in this context as something I can do, and do well. Plus, there are a ton of options available to study regarding video games, even specific to violence in video games.

-do violent games affect sane adults?

-do violent games affect children?

-does age/game type/multi- or single-player/tech-level of weaponry matter when discussing the effects?

-what personality/history factors are most likely to predict hostile behavior during and after a game session?

-does context/implementation of violence have an impact?

The list continues from there. If you have any ideas about research or grad school, feel free to comment them!


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