Tomb Raider – For Parents

There is a multiplayer aspect to the game, but multiplayer is always going to be something to your own discretion as the guardian of a minor. This game is rated M for Mature, 17+, and I would strongly urge you to consider whether your child is old enough to watch an “R” movie to determine whether they should play the game. 


Puzzle based gameplay encourages quick thinking. Lara will also explain the artifacts that she finds, including bits of Asian culture.


Profanity- ranges from nonexistent to F- and S-bombs.

Violence- of course. Between puzzles there is a lot of shooting and fighting. There’s also quite a bit of gore as you crawl through severed limbs or swim through a river of blood. There are bodies and remnants of bodies from WW2 all the way back to a thousand years ago, whether all over the ground or tied to stakes.

Nudity- none. Lara remains fully dressed, even in pants instead of her traditional booty shorts.

There’s some sacrifice portrayed as well, such as when a character chooses to die rather than let Lara die, leaving their deaths on her conscience.

Bottom line: You should know your child and whether you think he or she is ready for that kind of violence and imagery. It is definitely the equivalent of an R rated action movie or even an action/horror movie in the gore aspect.


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