Tomb Raider- First Impressions

I don’t have much time, and I’ve only been playing a couple hours, but my first impressions?

Holy crap.

Full disclosure- this is my first Lara Croft experience. The original game came out before I was really into gaming, and since then, they’ve seemed to be an excuse for boob-physics. Also, I hate Angelina Jolie. So… to me, it’s very Uncharted-esque, though I realize that Uncharted is probably a male version of Tomb Raider.

For gamers- So… graphics are great. Play works well. There are a few times when you have no input over what you are doing except to hold LS up for a good thirty seconds, but it doesn’t feel that way. Honestly, I keep taking my thumb off the stick, thinking she needs to regain her footing after whatever scare just happened. Pacing is good. There have been a few startles, a few gross-out moments, and a few times when I’ve wondered about the mechanics. For instance… you get a torch early, but you don’t get the thing you need to pull objects until later. There are a few doors in between that are bound up in rope. Why can’t I light the thing on fire? It’s fun, though. I’d still be playing right now if The Walking Dead wasn’t about to start. (I only watch two or three shows live.) So far, I’ve been crushed by a boulder (twice), choked (twice), fallen to oblivion (several times), and had a very sharp (I’m assuming) pipe go through my throat and out the back of my head. Eek. Puzzles haven’t been terribly difficult for me. One featuring a bell took the longest, but only because I thought I had out-smarted the game. 🙂

For parents- There is a big freakin’ “M” on the box. For mature gamers only. 17+. Listen to it. There hasn’t been a TON of swearing, in fact, I was a little shocked at it when they dropped three f-bombs and a “shit” in four lines just before I stopped. However, there’s some pretty gory stuff going on here. Not only that, but while your male companions are being shot on sight, there is a scene that involves some very…. unsettling sniffing. Luckily if you don’t knee the guy on cue, he only chokes you out. I’ve been crawling through body parts- literally pieces of body tumbling over me as I crawl. (Edit1: I’ve now also been swimming in a literal river of blood.) There’s a lot of death and killing. That’s not really any more disturbing than, say Call of Duty, but there have still been some shots and scenes that I wouldn’t want my kid to see, especially the Lara death scenes if you fail to press the right buttons in time.

For the ladies- If you’re like me, you probably assumed the Tomb Raider series was just about the jiggle and stayed away. I really like this one, so far. It still features the “damsel in distress/princess in the castle” motif, but Lara feels real. She looks pretty real too. Honestly, how could anyone climb and run around so much with the Dolly Parton boobs she used to have? She gets into a bad situation, and has to do terrible things to survive and find her friends.

More to follow after my move, probably.


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