Faster Than Light

Man, what a gem! Saw it on the Steam Holiday Sale for about $5, and it was well spent. I’ve spent about six hours (wow! really?) playing it, and I still haven’t finished it on Easy. It requires a lot of strategy and a bit of luck. This is the kind of game I’ve been looking for. If you know me, or have read my rundown of some of the most popular F2P MMOs, you know that I prefer my games to be challenging, but beatable. I have reached the final sector, so I’m relatively certain the game is not unbeatable, but I have not yet mastered the strategy. I’m getting there, though!

I’ve gone through several playthroughs, some of them rather short, some long. I’ve used the Kestrel A and the Engi A, the only two ships I have unlocked so far. I’ve also earned four achievements: “Just Getting Started” (Get to sector 5, just past the halfway mark), “Federation Base in Range” (Get to sector 8, the final “level”), “I don’t need no stinkin’ upgrades” (Get to sector 5 with no system/reactor upgrades), “On a Wing and a Prayer” ( Get to sector 5 without repairing at a store).

Overall, I’ve obviously had more fun playing the game than I realized, since six hours have gleefully been sucked from other games without even realizing it. (This new tracker I’m using is awesome!) For $5, I’d definitely recommend it for gamers like me. Like Space Chess, it is easy to play, difficult to master, and comes with several strategies. The graphics are workable, the music can be a bit annoying, but nothing the options sliders won’t take care of, and names of ships and crew are customizable… at least the ones you start with are.

How do you unlock ships? Besides the basic ship models, outlined in the linked wiki page, the 2nd version of each ship is available after completing 2/3 ship specific achievements, each listed on the page as well.

What achievements are there?

This game’s too freakin’ hard! What strategies can I use?

In an added bit of interest, imagine my surprise when my daily romp through the land of webcomics turned up an FTL reference on the day I was planning to write about it!


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