Extra Life 2012

This is my documentation for my exploits during the 24 hour gaming marathon for Rady’s Children’s Hospital, part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I helped raise $200 for the hospital, and now I’m about to start making good on my promise. I have an alarm set for every half hour so that I can both stand up and stretch (preventing dangerous blood clots and waking myself up) and jot down a couple notes about what I’m playing and how I’m feeling. I anticipate sleepiness catching up to me around 1 am or so. I’m not much of a night owl anymore, and I haven’t tried to stay up all night for at least four years. Having a small child sure makes you realize that you can’t stay up all night if you have to be responsible during the day!

I’m still trying to decide where to start today… whether it will be NCAA Football 13 or Skyrim.

8am- NCAA 13 it is! The recruiting part of dynasty is a bit slow, so I’d rather do this while I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If I play it late at night, I’m sure to fall asleep.

8:30- still in the middle of my first game NCAA 13- Troy @ FIU. I started at a 1 star school as the OC, now I’m the HC at FIU (2 star).

9 just won my game v Troy. Now to wait 5 minutes while it advances the week, and go grab some milk for the little one. Thank goodness for load screens. They’ll allow me to do the little things… like pee.

9:30 finally started my second game @ULM at 9:24. Seriously, it takes FOREVER between games.

10 – up 21-13 with a minute left… then more advancing, more recruiting… maybe a new game next half? Meanwhile, Daddy’s watching Wall-E with the little one. Glad he’s off this weekend to spend time with her while I’m doing this.

10:30 holding my own against higher rated Arkansas State. Just started 2nd quarter.

11- 1 minute left in the game, down by 13… not looking too good… but I am close to scoring…. or not. Intercepted. Draw Something while advancing the week.

11:30 Playing MTSU this time… should have gone coach mode… I keep throwing INTs… Depending on how close to the end of the season I am now, I will probably move to Skyrim after this game.

12pm- Been playing NCAA too long if I can’t beat MTSU because I keep throwing interceptions. Ridiculous. Little one just went down for a nap (hopefully) so it may be time for Borderlands 2 with the hubby.

12:30 Still waiting for him to get his stuff transferred over, but I’ve been playing this cute Android tablet game called Granny Smith in the meantime. Yay! Begin!




2:30 Wow… I guess I forgot to check in! Chris’ buddy joined us for a little bit. The two of us have such different styles playing Borderlands that we rarely end up playing for long before getting frustrated with each other.

3- Moving on to Madden 13 to see if my CCM league has updated. If not, my single player league where I’m getting Romo his rings is up next.

3:30- Interception-itis is still not cured. After this game with the Falcons (after losing to the Giants) I’ll be moving to Skyrim… for real this time.

4 Ohhhh yeah! Forgot about the new Walking Dead chapter that I still haven’t played. Guess I’ll get that done first. Sorry, Dovahkiin. Well, not for long. Forgot that the game was not exactly safe for the living room with a three year old playing in it.

4:30 Chowing down on some tacos (Thanks, honey!) while I gather materials for my new home in Skyrim’s Hearthfire. Playing my modded PC version where there is no fast travel, I have to eat, drink, and sleep, and I can’t use my map… and all the compass shows is NESW… lol

5 On my way up to Whiterun from Falkreath, using my paper map. It’s a long way away. I can’t make anything else at my house until I smelt some ore, and I can’t build a smelter yet, either. Suppose I’ll go buy as much as I can, build as much as I can, then start some questlines. If you were wondering, I’m playing as an Argonian who believes she’s actually a dragon, not just Dragonborn.

5:30- whew. Back from Whiterun, quarrying stone so I can continue the main hall of my home. Attempting to do EVERYTHING on this character. All quests, all miscellaneous items, all books, all everything. Eventually I’ll have a full set of each armor and weapon type as well when I have some mannequins to put them on.

5:45pm- a little headache, possibly from staring at a screen for so long. Took some Tylenol. It could also be from all noise from a TV (husband) and a toddler playing behind me. Ah well, on to the Companions!


6:30- Still rolling with the Companions. It takes a lot longer to do things with the mods I use. Headache is gone, but it may have also been caused by my “Get Drunk” or “Frostfall” mods, both of which cause the screen to blur under certain conditions.

7- Getting kinda bored with video games. Keep catching a glimpse of my books next to my computer and wanting to read instead. Push on! Going to go dump my inventory at my new house, then pick something else to play. Skyrim’s too slow… especially with all the mods on.

7:30- back to Madden. Nope… sudoku on tablet for a little bit.

8- extreme level sudoku



9:45 Accidentally turned off my alarms. Been playing Walking Dead since 8 when we put the little one in bed.



11- got a little hectic with The Walking Dead. Every time the alarm went off, I was right in the middle of something and unable to jot anything down. Just finished episode 4 though. It always surprises me just how long each episode is. Three hours on that one. Anyhow, hubby’s not feeling well so he just went to bed. Just me up now. Honestly, I was thinking that I’d play some scary game to keep me awake, but I kinda anticipated my husband falling asleep on the couch, so I’d have someone nearby. I’ve gotten bad at scary movies recently. The last scene in TWD made me jump out of my chair, too… and I pretty much knew it was coming! Time for MW3… maybe the quick pace of a shooter will help. Plus, I hear they’re doing double xp for ExtraLife.

11:30- Really feeling bored now. I think I need something new to spark my interest. I’m looking at the stack of 360 games and my list of PC games, and nothing is shouting “Play me!” /sigh. Maybe I’ll play a little game while I download something new. Granny Smith, here I come! Nothing I really want in the Steam store or On Demand either. Guess it’s back to Skyrim.


12:30- Definitely feeling sleepy now. Exploring some ancient Nordic ruins with Farkas.

1 Time for Rock Band. Maybe that will keep me up. Would have gone with drums, but I misplaced the sticks… apparently I don’t know where the mic went either. Guitar, then!

9:30 am Uh-oh. The last thing I remember is looking at the clock around a quarter to four, wondering how I was going to make it all the way to 8. Next thing I know, my daughter is calling for me from her monitor, I’m sprawled out on the couch, my guitar has disconnected, and the TV is asleep. It won’t be hard to make up the hours today, since I only missed out on about 4, but I wish I could have made it all the way. I knew I’d have trouble once everyone went to bed. Thanks to those of you who donated. Maybe next year I’ll get some practice in beforehand.


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