The Madden gods do listen.

So a couple weeks ago, I posted my review of Madden NFL 13, along with a list of things I wanted to see implemented. No, you still can’t be a girl, but there are quite a few things being tweaked sometime around October 16th. If you’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth, check out the main article here. If you’d rather just see what I think is long overdue in the game, just keep reading!

Edit Player in Connected Careers: I made a QB and gave him/her a flak jacket. Now I look like a freakin’ tank, and I don’t like it. I’ve been trying to figure out how to take it off, and now I see that there is no option! Until now.

COACH MODE IN CONNECTED CAREERS: Holy cow. This was one of the things I specifically called for. It makes no sense to tell you that you are a “coach” then make you play the game. Personally, I like going to Coach Mode in NCAA Dynasty when I’m having an off day and throwing four or five interceptions in a game. Sometimes your players might surprise you. Also, it makes QB skills more important for things like Clutch, Consistency, Force Pass, Throw Ball Away, and other things that are only useful if you simulate games instead of taking control.

Changing Schemes in CC: Say you want to make Da Bears into an Attacking 4-3 instead of Tampa 2. Couldn’t do it before, but now you can.


-Your Player in CC gains XP for stats accumulated in practice (in addition to the base 1800 for Easy Win, for example). This should make practice much more useful.

-Draft clock when backing out of the menu to check other information.

-Fewer WR drops in All-Madden.

-Can now turn on/off GameFlow in CC. I’m hoping that means by default. I’m tired of having to go into the menu at the start of every game to shift it back to classic.


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