Extra Life, Gaming for Charity

Support Me!

By clicking on the links above, below, or between these paragraphs, you will be taken to a page where you can provide a donation for Rady Children’s Hospital or agree to sponsor me for one 24 hour day of gaming. Let me back up…

Save Lives!

Extra Life is a charity fundraising group that encourages gamers to play games for 24 hours one day, raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Donations can be flat donations or recurring monthly donations. It was once a sponsorship program where people would pledge a particular amount per hour played, but since this year’s event is a flat 24 hours for everyone, I suppose they shifted away from that particular policy. Since I am playing as an individual, I set a goal for $200. There is more information about the program itself available from the linked page.

Click here to pledge!

I have chosen Rady Children’s Hospital because it is the only hospital any of the children in my family have been to in the last few years. We’ve been lucky enough not to have the sort of illnesses and accidents that the Miracle Network deals with (knock on wood), so I do not have a strong personal reason to play for any other hospital. However, it is the hospital that will be closest to me for the next few years. It is apparently also the only trauma center of its kind that is specifically designed for pediatrics!

ALL proceeds go to the hospitals!

The donation is tax-deductible, and it is a great cause, so what are you waiting for? I’d be gaming anyway (more than likely), so I might as well do some good while I’m at it. Thanks for your support!

What more reason do you need?

http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm? (Home page of the charity if you’d like to look into it more.)


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