Extra Life

So last year, I jumped on this a little late, and wound up with no sponsors. This year, maybe I’ll get ahead of the ball a little. I just got an invitation to join Extra Life again, this time for a 24 hour gaming session on October 20th. For right now, I’m trying to decide which hospital to represent, but I plan on participating. Eventually, I’ll have a link on this blog that will take any potential donators/sponsors to my page, but for now, I thought I’d link the information for any curious people. If you’re interested in sponsoring me, please leave a note here, or get in touch with me personally (if you know me personally!) and let me know you’re interested so I can get a rough estimate of my goal.

The Extra Life program is much like the Race for a Cure and other sponsor-based charity fundraisers, except that gamers are playing their favorite games instead of having heart attacks in the sun (wink). It is tax deductible, and donations/sponsorships can be made by credit card on my Extra-Life page. Again, I hope to register soon, but I need to determine which hospital I’ll be playing for first. Since I move so frequently, I’m not sure if I will go with hometown, local, or one that a friend or family member has been to.

I’d like to raise at least $200, but I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to do it all from my checkbook. I’ll be playing games anyway, you might as well help me do some good for some kids fighting terrible diseases at the same time!



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