A Return to My Roots

Besides just being an allusion to a quest in TESV Skyrim, the title of this post is to signify that I am going to go back to what this blog was supposed to be:

1) A place to document my gaming and my achievements.

2) A place to review games.

3) A place to put the rest of my gaming related stuff.

I’ve, for some reason, been using it as a place to publish my character’s journal and even a place to put my failed attempt at fan fiction. I have not been keeping up with the original intent- achievements, walkthroughs, reviews. This is mostly, probably, because Skyrim has been eating the vast majority of my gaming time recently…. and for good reason. The game rocks. However, with my nearing of 50/50, and the absolute ridiculousness of my characters (the game is too easy even on Master at high levels), I’ve been returning to some of my ignored games.

I actually just hit my 50th achievement for Skyrim (Oblivion Walker), and now have no more achievements to search for until the release of Dawnguard…… or the beta if I manage to get accepted. I think when I put “I play games >20 hours a week and Skyrim 15-20 hours a week” on the application, I may have catapulted myself to the front or the back. We’ll see. Also interesting, it asked how many characters I have, but the options were 1, 2, or 3. Apparently 38 wasn’t a choice. (That may be a slight exaggeration.)

I started back in Modern Warfare 3, some in the multiplayer, some in the campaign. It’s been forever since I played, and my stat line showed it. In fact, I had to download every single map pack that has been released because the last time I had played, there were none. Thankfully I had paid for ELITE, so I got all the map packs for “free.”

I’ve also gone through much of the campaign on Veteran difficulty, picking up intels and all the optional achievements. I’ll post one blog about it, probably tomorrow, or whenever I finish the single player campaign.

All in all, I’ve completed 300 GS points of achievements in MW3 and Skyrim in the last 48 hours. Time to go shoot some people. I’ll see you soon.


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