I know… I know…

I haven’t been getting a lot done on the blog side of things. Life got a little more hectic for a time, and what time I did have to cool down playing games, I didn’t really feel like having to “work” afterwards. However, I am currently taking a “business ethics” class, and as part of the class, I have to choose a company to research. As a gamer, of course I chose a video game company. Electronic Arts to be precise. I plan on investigating their use of DRM and the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the context of ethics. Do they treat their customers in an ethical way regarding these two instances? So far, I’ve only gotten some of the initial research done, but I will try to supply fairly regular updates until completion.

As for gaming itself, well, I’ve been here and there. I played, and completed, Mass Effect 3 on Insanity. I replayed ME1 and ME2 with one Shepard all the way through to make sure every bit was fresh in my mind. I think Indoctrination Theory holds a lot of weight, but I can understand why people are so upset about the ending.

I have also been playing quite a bit of Skyrim, and have built at least 15 characters to varying levels before starting again. My current character is a level 37 Nord with Heavy Armor, Block, One Handed, Alteration, Restoration, and Speech, finished with the College and working on the Main Quest and Civil War, generally being an honorable hero wherever he goes. I think if I want to continue this character after those two quests are done, I may use the pursuit of Daedric artifacts to “turn” him to evil, where he will follow DB/TG. Unfortunately, I think one of my artifacts has already bugged-out, so I may need to start a new game to get the Oblivion Walker achievement anyway… might as well make a sneaky character for it. I’ve already completed the Companions in another life, but considering that the only marriageable followers who are also trainers are Companions, I’m considering blowing through that again just to get some free Aela archery training for my transition to sneaky bastard.

In addition, as a pretty hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan, I have been listening to parts of the 2012 NFL Draft while I do my homework, and it inspired me to pick up Madden 12 last night. Then I remembered why I both love and hate Ultimate Team. I love the concept… and the random awesome cards I keep getting for free (logged in last night to see a brand new 99 Jerry Rice card sitting on my “desk” to go along with my Barry Sanders card). However, I do not like how it seems that every other person who plays the game drops huge amounts of real cash on their teams to field an entire team of 99s. Last night, I played a guy with RGIII as QB, 2 Blackmons for WRs, and MJD as his tailback… among others. Considering that the deal for rookie draft cards just released, I’m thinking he didn’t actually play for those. Of course now my record in MUT is 2-8. I did pop an achievement for playing 10 MUT games though! Score! (Though I did not score once in that game… 35-0)

So that’s a quick update of Jennawynn’s gaming. I’ll try to be better about updates in the future… though I freely admit I have made that claim many times in the past on many blogs and journals.


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