The Steed

Just a real quick note tonight. I now have three characters that are between levels 15 and 25. One, a Khajiit stealth master who uses a bow or one handed blade with destruction magic in the other hand destined to be a Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood member. Two, a pure High Elf mage to be a College and Imperial Legion member. Three, a Nord warrior for Companions and Stormcloaks. If you haven’t figured it out, I like a bit of role-playing, so my Nord doesn’t pick up alchemy ingredients (on purpose anyway) unless it is a trophy from a kill or something worth lots of gold. She also doesn’t steal. I’ve now fully been able to say that yes, no matter what your preferred playstyle (tactical, stealth, mage, or hack and slash (ish) this game is ridiculously fun to play. I love the addition of Fallout style death shots when you land particular death blows to a final enemy. Combat, when done up close, is awesome. I love the new blocking/bashing concept. If you know me from Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild from DDO, you may even recognize some of their names. While the High Elf is appropriately named BetterThanYou (he’s male and all my DDO characters were girls, so I couldn’t very well name him Laylawynn…), my Khajiit is named after my first MV character, a rogue who has splashed with just about everything else, Bellawynn. (She was actually created before I had my daughter, Bella, but everyone calling me that in the guild (this was before people started referring to me as Wynn) made me realize how much I really loved the name), and the Nord’s name is Jennawynn, after my badass human tank/fighter. She can deal the damage when she needs to (unlike the drow paladin tank who couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag without smite), but she likes to turtle up with heavy armor and shield. The strategy guide recommends sword and board combos (one handed weapon and shield) to go with light armor to be mobile, but my character concept is that of a tank, so screw you, strategy guide! Anyway, I discovered the Steed stone, and man, if you are a heavy armor sort of person, you should definitely look into this stone. For one, it gives you extra carry capacity… I think around 100 pounds. That alone is worth it, since wearing heavy armor and keeping a couple different weapons on hand is heavy. However, it also removes any penalty for movement from armor. I can sprint again!! One of the high level block perks is to sprint while blocking to do a sort of bull rush, and now that I can sprint for more than five feet, I can’t wait to try it out. Stamina is the basis for carry weight and sprint duration, and this character has about 2/3 of all level-ups in Health, 1/3 in Stamina. Sometimes I feel like taking my time, sneaking around, sniping, etc. and sometimes I just want to charge in and crush some skulls. I die less often this way too, amazingly enough.


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