Heh, I forgot my method

I was so into talking about stealing souls that I forgot the last post was supposed to be two parts. My method, if you’re curious, is this: Rather than picking a questline, like Main Quest, Thieves Guild, or Companions, and doing them from start to finish, I’ve decided I’m going to do just about everything. The best way I can figure to do this is by going geographically.I was in Whiterun to start (and you probably were too) so I talked to everyone, gathering quests. Then I figure out which ones are closest to Whiterun, rather than another city. I complete all the quests I have in the area. If I get a quest that sends me somewhere else, I put it on a list for that city (it’s easier than going through the many quests and using the map each time I go from town to town). After Whiterun, I decided to go to Riften to check out my gem. I gathered more quests and did a majority of them. I got into a drinking contest and woke up in Markarth! So I emptied my quest list and loaded all the ones near Markarth. Any time I run out of quests in an area, I’ll just figure out the next place to go. I’m avoiding the carriage for now, because I like to explore. I try to minimize the use of fast travel as well. You never know when you’ll come across some beautiful place (or some awesome loot). I’ll fast travel back to my house in Whiterun every now and then to dump some of my stuff when I get close to¬†encumbrance, but I fast travel right back to that previous location. I keep all my ingredients in a chest in my house and do all my alchemy at once. Same goes for all my ores and ingots. I only carry food items that will give me more than 10 health back at a shot. I need to start doing more dungeon delving though, because I’m out of health potions (they seem to show up in urns and packs in dungeons more than anything else, and vendors only sell so many). I thought I’d find enough to not worry about it, instead of using my healing spells, but it turns out I may have been wrong. I’m also a hoarder and hate buying anything, so I wasn’t buying potions even though I have a fully loaded house and over 11,000 gold. I also have three spare dragon souls since I have only found one dragon word that wasn’t part of the main quest or companion quest. Time to get out and explore more!


2 thoughts on “Heh, I forgot my method

  1. Seems to make sense. Are you finding that the world levels around you? Are there places that you have been that have been too difficult for your character? If I remember correctly from Oblivion, the game mostly leveled around you as opposed to a traditional rpg that almost required characters of a certain level to complete certain quests.

    • For the most part, the world does level with you. There are some exceptions. If you enter a dungeon, the level of that dungeon locks in. If you leave it, it will stay at that level for enemies and loot, even if you come back at higher levels. There are certain things that are always at a particular level, like trolls are never below a certain level, so at low levels, they are incredibly difficult to kill (hence the reason I have no potions). I did find one cave, used more than half my resources to kill a troll, managed to kill a second, and ran my butt out of there with a third taking swings (thank goodness he didn’t leave the cave when I did!). Then boss fights are difficult, especially if you don’t have a decent strategy. I came across a Draugr Death Overload, and he killed me probably seven times until I decided to come back later. He started chasing me out of the dungeon, but this one happened to loop around to the front with a little ledge. Once he fell off the ledge, I looped back around (he decided not to follow me into the hole for some reason) and perched on the ledge, taking pot shots at him with my bow until he died. It felt a little cheesy (like when we used to shoot ogres with bows outside of their activation range in DDO) but I figure he was still able to cast spells at me, I just had a great angle on him… and my follower was going toe to toe with him. Anyway, I’m not sure if it is because of the way I built my character (Stealth master with skills split between archery, one-handed, and destruction) but almost every encounter is tough, and boss fights are killer. I’ve finally gotten into the habit of saving often. I’m starting my “second” (actually fifth or so) play-through to test that theory with a caster who uses conjuration and a follower to have more people to focus on, and a lot of destruction potential so my “kill skill” will probably be highest.

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