Round Two: Necromancer

Necromancy was made illegal by the Mages Guild in Cyrodiil during the events of Oblivion. I have not seen such action two hundred years later in Skyrim, but I think it’s time to try it out.

I’m going to go with a male Breton for the defensive abilities of Dragonskin and their innate resistance to magicka. I’ll focus on Conjuration and Illusion, as well as Destruction. I can cast Frenzy or another Illusion spell to make people fight each other, raise their corpses, and create a zombie army! I’ll use the ritual stone so I can raise a whole army at once (if there are enough bodies on the ground) one time per day. If they get close to me, I dual-wield fire or shock and blast them to Oblivion. Beyond the basic abilities for each of the magic skills, appropriate perks I’ll be looking at will be Quiet Casting (Illusion) for silent spells, Rage (Illusion) for higher effectiveness of Frenzy spells, Master of the Mind (Illusion) so those spells work on undead, daedra, and constructs, Mystic Binding (Conjuration) so any conjured weapons do more damage, Summoner (Conj) so when I create my minions, I can do so farther away to increase the likelihood that they get the enemy’s attention before I do, Soul Stealer (Conj) so any conjured weapons automatically cast soul trap, Necromancy (conj) double duration on undead, Dark Souls (conj) more health for undead, Twin Souls (conj) two conjured instead of one, Dual casting (Destruction, and maybe Illusion and Conjuration), impact (dest) so while dual blasting, the enemy is staggered and I can kill him before he gets to me, Recovery (Restoration) for magicka regeneration, Mage Armor (Alteration) since I won’t be in armor, Magic Resistance (Alt) for more defense against other spellcasters, and some Alchemy perks like Physician, Benefactor Experimenter, Green Thumb, and Purity, but unlike my Wood Elf, it won’t be for poisons but for restore magicka potions. From my short time using magic as a companion to my one-handers, magic is more entertaining than it was in Oblivion. Having the low level spells act like continuous flamethrowers instead of a single ball of fire helps.


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