Anticipation and wrestling with bad parenting

So tonight, Skyrim finally goes on sale. Honestly, I’m still struggling with a decision… I am effectively a single mom of one for another week.

Do I take my toddler to GameStop tomorrow morning to wait in line for over an hour, trying to get her to stop touching everything, or do I bundle her up in a blankie and stroller and take her (sleeping) to the midnight release where I’ll be able to get in and out quickly and she probably won’t even wake up except to get in and out of the car seat? I’m wondering how many evil looks I’d get for having her out at midnight just for a game release, but for one, it’s quicker than showing up the next morning (waited for an hour on Tuesday for MW3), she’ll be asleep and won’t wake up, and I’ve waited, salivating, for more than eight months for this game…. and will be awake for at least three hours tomorrow before the game even goes on sale. I feel like an addict. What lengths will I go to in order to get my special kind of heroin? What do you think? Is my desire for this game really putting me into “bad parent” territory, or is it acceptable to take her to the midnight release?


3 thoughts on “Anticipation and wrestling with bad parenting

  1. Wynn!! I downloaded the game via Steam. Didn’t have to leave the house . . . It’s awesome but I’ve only just scratched the surface. Hard to play with three kids, real life duties, ddo, and a job.

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