My husband’s first few purchases

So my husband has effectively been away from home since February. With a 6 or 7 month deployment, 2 weeks of leave in Texas, three section duty for two weeks, and another month underway, he hasn’t had time to do much of anything. Today, he was home for only a few hours. What did we do? We went to breakfast at the only restaurant open near the GameStop.

He picked up Battlefield 3 and Arkham City for 360 and Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 for PS3. I also upgraded my Skyrim copy to Collector’s Edition and cancelled my Saints Row the Third preorder. After that, he stopped at Best Buy to get another USB 360 memory stick and three movies he missed out on. The rest of his morning was spent searching through the Rock Band music store for any good songs he may have missed. I think I may have married a gamer. 🙂 Anyway, I won’t get a chance to play BF3 since he’s planning on taking it with him tomorrow for the rest of his underway, but I popped it in for a quick look at the single player. Graphically, it is just as good, if not better than Black Ops. I have only done about half of a real mission, but it feels nice in my hands. There are a few bits and pieces I see as being a little upgrade over the current shooters, as far as animations go. One thing I can say that I hate about the current trend of online gaming- I understand that buying games used is hurting the bottom line for game companies, and they want a cut of resale as well… but when my husband and I buy a game, then have to buy it twice just so we can both play it online, I get a little irritated. We have our own consoles that we play on separate TVs (he’s on the big screen, I’m on my HD PC monitor) because he likes some games I don’t like, I like some he doesn’t like, and when one is watching TV (usually him) the other can be playing games if they don’t care for the show. He does use my box/monitor when I’m watching football, for example. The point, though, is that we shouldn’t have to buy a game twice just so we can both play it. It’s crazy. We didn’t have to buy two couches so we could both sit, or two TVs so we can both watch a movie, or two copies of Captain America so we can both watch it. I’m not even talking about both of us playing on two consoles AT THE SAME TIME, I’m talking about the game coming with a code to active online play that is only usable once for one GamerTag. So if you have two people who share a console, but have different GamerTags, you have to buy a second online code. BS. Same goes for DLC, Rock Band. I hate that I have to have Chris’ profile active on my game just to get access to all the downloaded songs we bought under his profile. I hate that if I am away and buy a few songs on my profile, I have to repurchase them to play them on his console with the rest of the songs. /sigh. Oh well, only 8 more days and I’ll only have one game, with no multiplayer or online play to worry about. Skyrim how I long for thee…


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