Dungeon Siege III First Impressions

The game gives you four pre-made characters to choose from. For people, like myself, who prefer building your own custom character, this is a mild drawback, even though it does assist in building a multiplayer story experience.

I have not played multiplayer yet, and have been focusing on a hardcore single player campaign. I started with Katarina, but she is not the strongest solo character when overwhelmed, and I switched to the archon. I am currently getting my butt whipped by Vera, though, and may end up switching again to a sturdier male build. I have my flame aura giving me slight amounts of health and two ranks in the phoenix talent, so I have about as much self-healing as is possible to have at this low point in the game. It isn’t kidding when the selection screen for Hardcore says “not recommended for those… who are prone to throwing controllers.” So far, it’s no Elder Scrolls, but for a pre-generated character’s hack and slash, it doesn’t seem too bad. I’d say it’s much like the difference between WoW and D&D… characters of the same class will end up very much like one another, and even the way the loot is colored to signify its worth is reminiscent of WoW.


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