Black Ops

So, I cut 40 games from my GameFly account because I decided to only play games I actually had interest in. The problem, then, is that there haven’t been a lot of good games lately, and the ones that I had interest in, I bought.

I still have Fallout New Vegas and Saints Row 2, as well as Dragon Age II (to a lesser extent) that I want to finish, but I’ve spent some time in the last week and a half playing Call of Duty Black Ops. When I “retired” I was around level 32 or so. In the last week I’ve gotten to level 42. I seem to have gotten much better in my time off. I played some wager matches for the first time, which are actually really entertaining game modes, but they don’t allow you to earn XP. Since I’m eager to hit prestige for the first time, I went back to my favorite game mode: Hardcore Team Deathmatch. Before, I preferred Ground War because it gave a mix of TDM and Domination. Sometimes I like to just shoot people, and sometimes I like objectives, so Ground War is a great mix for me. I’m not so big on all the bomb games though. Anyway, I have been doing really well in the last couple days, getting some personal killstreak records and placing at or near the top of the scoreboards each round. Of course, it all depends on the map. Some maps are my kryptonite, like Nuketown, Jungle, and Cracked. I think I got an 11.00 kill to death ratio on one round, though. I like to use either the M16 with ACOG or a red-dot AK-47 with a blue star in place of the dot. I prefer to run Ghost/Ninja. My other loadouts include a SMG with lightweight/marathon/sleight of hand for capture the flag or Nuketown and the AK-47 with hardline/sleight of hand/hacker. I haven’t used an actual sniper rifle in ages because I think they are next to useless, and the shotguns just make me mad.

So these wager matches- you have One in the Chamber, which gives you a pistol with one bullet. You only have to hit once to kill, and you get a new bullet each time you score a kill. You have three lives.

There is one called gun game. It has 20 weapons, starting with the Python, moving up through SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and launchers. The last two rounds are the crossbow and the ballistic knife. Each time you score a kill, you move up a gun. First to score a kill with all 20 wins. I usually start out slow because pistols and shotguns suck, but will get a good run of 6 or so through the rifles. I’ve placed in the money almost every time I play it.

Sharpshooter is similar, except the guns cycle every so many seconds, and everybody always has the same guns as everyone else.

Finally, sticks and stones gives you a crossbow, a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. This mode was pretty much just annoying for me.

I really like Hardcore TDM because you don’t have a kill-cam, so if you have a great spot, people don’t automatically know where you are, and it takes a lot less damage to kill your opponent, so having the better skill actually helps. I hate it when I shoot someone in normal games, and they are able to turn around, aim, and shoot me back before they die… or they kill me first. So annoying.

As for other games, I got Naughty Bear and Divinity 2, but Naughty Bear was pretty much too sociopathic for me. I couldn’t tell if I was actually having fun, and the gameplay got pretty repetitive. Best way to high scores? Kill the boat and the car right off the bat. Sabotage EVERYTHING. Start breaking windows and other stuff that can’t be sabotaged. As bears try to fix things, scare them. Let them call the cops. There are four cops, and that’s four more bears you can get scores from. Drive them insane, then make them kill themselves. After they’re all dead, go around and break everything.

Divinity 2 had promise, but it was very slow, and the autosave feature sucked. It was also a hassle to manually save, so I’d always forget, then get in a fight way over my head and have to play the last half hour all over again. The controls were odd, and I finally just realized I wasn’t playing it anymore, so I sent it back in hopes of getting NCAA 12 so I can get a legend or whatever it’s called for Madden 12. Next game getting delivered is Mafia II, which I got excited for seeing the commercials before its release, and never wound up playing.


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