So, it’s been a while, huh? Yeah, I kinda got tired of playing crappy games just to increase my GamerScore and playing games I wouldn’t normally play just to “review” them. So, I guess I’ll just talk about games I actually enjoy for a while. I realized I didn’t really want to do what I had been doing when I popped in Oblivion over Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm was just too ridiculous. Oblivion? Best game I’ve ever played, and even better when modded (correctly). I 1000’d (and then all the DLCs) this game long, long ago, but I still love to play it. I had it on my old computer, heavily modded, but then my PC died of a million viruses (which I don’t think was related). The Fifth Anniversary Edition came out, and I realized I missed good games, so I went out and got a copy and started downloading mods.

My current mods: (besides OBMM, OBSE, and BOSS)

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul and Mart’s Monster Mod- two of the highest rated, highest downloaded overall overhauls of the game to make it better, more enriched, more fun, and more realistic. This is what Oblivion was meant to be.

Kvatch Rebuilt, Unofficial Oblivion Patch (and for DLCs), UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix, Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, and all the official DLC, Living Economy, Nice to Meet You, Rusty Items, Tegeals Extra Robes (put lower than the rest because Teekeus was invisible once), Trade and Commerce, Ash’s Odd Jobs, Black Horse Courier Expanded, Let the People Drink, The Lost Spires (a highly rated Archaeology Guild story line that I have been unable to get far in due to OOO’s level system (trolls at level two are very hard to kill)), Harvest [Flora] and [Containers], Quest Award Leveller, Basic Primary Needs, Lightweight potions, nGCD (an automatic leveller), Cava Obscura (makes dungeons dark so you actually need torches or night-eye), and Really Immersive Messages. For the most part, this is kinda the load order I have, though I’m still tweaking it as I come across issues. I’ve had to reload MMM a couple times because meshes and textures will fail to load. Like I said, earlier Teekeus had no body because his robe was invisible, so I put the Extra Robes back on and near the bottom. Either OOO or MMM will overwrite Cava Obscura, so I had to put that near the bottom, and MMM-Hunting and Crafting doesn’t properly work unless near the bottom.

Anyhow, my current character is a Khajiit male named Pra’jus (get it? Precious?) who has a yarn fetish and a grand plan to wipe rats from the face of Cyrodiil… and he also hates getting wet, so no swimming (unless absolutely necessary) and no going out in the rain. I was doing remarkably well, got to Chorrol, got to Cloud Top, got the guards to kill two minotaurs on the roads, got to the Waterfront, joined the Thieves Guild, got all the way up to the gate in Bruma when the guard drew his blade. I got off Prior Maborel’s horse to see what he was fighting, and two eyeballs floating in the air, named Tundra Wolf, were coming for me. Stupid missing textures. I couldn’t quite tell where to hit (other than the two small orbs) and he managed to kill me right outside the gate. I was level 2. The last time I had saved was after getting out of the Bloated Float quest, so I decided to quit and try another reorder tomorrow. I thought about writing a diary like I had with other characters, but those characters had a mod that put journals into the game so you could actually write to yourself in-game. I think I need to find that one. Anyone have any other awesome mods for this awesome game? I prefer the ones that make you eat, drink, and sleep (like the one I’m using, Basic Primary Needs, though I used a different one before), to make it more realistic. I hope when they release Skyrim they have a Hardcore mode like New Vegas has, but better. The New Vegas Hardcore mode was pretty poorly named since you could go days without eating or drinking without penalty… or at least it seemed that way.


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