Bulletstorm Part 2

All bow to heavy metal, Size matters, Damsel in distress.

All Bow To Heavy MetalSize MattersDamsel in Distress

These are story missions.

Space Pirate, Straight Edge.

Space PirateStraight Edge

In the bar in Act 2, you come across 2 bottles of Nom Juice before the Disco Inferno mini-boss. Shoot them, pause, and restart checkpoint (make sure you went inside the door and triggered the checkpoint first!). Keep doing that, then drink them, pause, and restart the checkpoint. Twenty bottles of each later, and you’re 20 GS richer.

Disco Inferno.

Disco Inferno

Once you kill that miniboss, stay on the dance floor and leash the enemies into the electric signs for shockers. Stay up there until this achievement pops (kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor). If you don’t get it, start over from checkpoint and try, try again.



25% skillshots complete. Still pretty much random.


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