My head was in pain from trying to figure out what my poetry comparison paper was supposed to be (really? 8-10 pages on 2 poems that aren’t even a full page together? and it’s supposed to have 6 sources? but still be what I think??) Anyway, I decided to make my head hurt less, I’d pop in Bulletstorm since I got it in the mail today. This morning, by the way, the second guy I hit with Overload got me the achievement in Mass Effect, since the very first playthrough I completed was an Infiltrator.

Overload Specialist

Anyway, Bulletstorm.

Very very very vulgar… I haven’t heard some of these words since I left the Navy. Also, judging from the names of some of these skillshots, not to mention all the gushing blood everywhere when I get headshots and “gag reflex shots,” also very gory. After playing L.A. Noire and Mass Effect so long, the faces look odd, and some of the dialog is forced-sounding. The voice actors could have done a better job. Also, every dude on my team in the opening act was a big burly dude with biker facial hair, etc., but my ‘partner’ sure didn’t sound like it. He sounded like a bad cross of Arnold with a black dude…. then Ishi, my Asian compatriot, turns into the Terminator. WTH?

Didn’t get too deep here, but this is what I have so far:

WannabePatched UpPointlessFits Like a Glove

#2 and #4 are story-line missions. The first is for completing 10 skillshots, namely stuff like kicking a dude and shooting him, kicking a dude into cactus, headshot, shooting a guy in the neck, etc. Almost all of them have been done “accidentally,” as in not specifically trying to unlock the skillshot. The only one I specifically did was kicking a guy into cactus. The rest have been natural. The third is for getting 10 headshots before you reach the first DropKit. There are plenty of enemies, which is good, because until you hit that DropKit, you have no way to tell if you got credit for a headshot, AND, on Very Hard difficulty, it takes a few bullets, even with headshots, to kill a dude. So there ya go, so far, ultra-violent and ultra-vulgar. Just what it advertised to be. So far, an interesting mechanic, but we’ll see how long that lasts, and how well the story stands up to scrutiny. This is my kind of poetry. 🙂


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