Finally finished my “2nd” Mass Effect playthrough. It’s actually my 3rd complete playthrough and probably 50th attempt (I like to make new characters), but this was the 2nd with the intent of getting Ally achievements, and thus completing “a majority of the game.” It was the first time I’d ever actually saved the Council. Even my very first playthrough, as a paragon, I still let them die… lol.

Medal of ValorTurian AllySentinel Ally

I completed this one on Insanity for the Medal of Valor, with Garrus (the Turian) and Kaidan (the Sentinel) for their Ally achievements. I was a pure soldier who maxxed Immunity and Shock Trooper as soon as I could. By the end of the game, I could pretty much be constantly Immune… and the handful of times I died in the last half of the game, I had let Immunity lapse. With as many hit points as I had, and Immunity, I should have never died, but I’d get cocky and go toe to toe with a Geth Colossus, and forget to hit RB. Anyway, my last playthrough, will be pure engineer (need hack, damping, neural shock, and overload achievements) with Liara (the Asari) and Wrex (the Krogan), though to make sure I see all possible differences in 2, I’ll be killing Wrex on Virmire. The first round, I was male, romanced Ashley, and saved her on Virmire. This time, I was female, loved Kaidan, and saved him. Both times the one I saved was the one on the bomb. This time, I’ll be with Liara, not sure about male or female, and I’ll save whomever I put on the AA tower… probably Kaidan since I’ll likely want Ashley on my team to make up for missing Wrex. Either way, I’ll be speeding through on Casual, and probably have to do every side mission to make sure I get Wrex’s achievement before Virmire, and not doing anything I don’t absolutely have to until I rescue Liara. That’ll be the hard one. It may be a while before I really get into the next one. I have a paper I have to do this weekend, and my grandma will be coming out to visit for a couple days at the beginning of the week. See you all soon!


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