100% L.A. Noire, and 25K GS

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Finished up L.A. Noire today, found all landmarks, all gold reels, drove every car, finished all street crimes, which all gave me the below achievement for 100% complete. The last thing I needed was to find two cars. Found a little trick that, if it didn’t work, it was the most amazing coincidence ever. Go to extras, vehicle showroom. Find a silhouette and hit ‘a’ (have disc 2 in if possible).

Go to homicide free roam, and check the parking lot across the street to your left. Hopefully your car will be there. The first time I did it, I had to switch the disc and nothing happened. The second time, both of my cars showed up, even though I had only clicked on one. The second car may have be coincidental, but considering that I checked pretty much every parking lot as I played the game, I’m pretty sure I had checked that one before… plus neither car was there the first time I tried it.

The City Of The Angels 100%!!! Again, this guide is awesome: http://wikicheats.gametrailers.com/L.A._Noire_-_PS3_XB360/Investigation_Guide

Bulletproof Windshield This was the last achievement I needed. It’s from Nicholson Electroplating DLC- kill 2 of the 3 army car security drivers before they pull up during the shootout at the Hughes Hangar. The first car drives up really quickly, so I just went straight for my Chicago Piano in the trunk. Set the aim assist to high, and run into the parking lot. Run deep, and hopefully your reticule will focus on the driver instead of the passenger. Turn around and get the one driving from the other side. If the cars manage to stop, and people get out, before the achievement pops, let them kill you and try again. This shootout is really deep into the case, so try to stick it out and finish it the first time around. I made that mistake, and almost got bored doing it the second time just to get to the fight.

25,042 total GS, with 1300 from L.A. Noire.

So, there is one thing about the story that bothers me. Don’t read on if you haven’t finished the story.


Did he or didn’t he? Earle at the very end says he was ‘falsely accused’ (by Earle amazingly), but he didn’t deny it to his wife, didn’t deny loving Elsa, and there is a shot where he is holding her hips. Even if they were ‘just friends,’ and she was letting him sleep on her couch, that’s a rather intimate pose to be in. It’s so out of character for him that I wonder why they put it in. Did they just really need to find some way to drop him from Vice to Arson? Couldn’t they just say they had issues with a case like Earle did the first time? Why did they feel the need to make a guy who was true blue and stand-up solid into a cheater? It makes no sense. I can’t believe Cole would do that to his wife and kids… then his line about “the kids have (whatever his wife’s name was) and they have each other”??? I mean what is that? It’s my major gripe with this story.


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