LA Noire Again

No Rest For The WickedThe BrassMoth To A Flame

These three are story line missions, complete all cases on Vice and Arson, and achieve maximum rank (20).

HucksterAt Elysian Fields, outwit Leland Monroe. The first question is doubted, and when asking about the contest, he is lying. Use a flyer to prove it.

Shamus To The StarsShamus to the Stars- 5 star all story missions. This does not include DLC or A Different Kind of War. Use a guide, like this one, to make sure you get it all right. You can only miss ONE clue OR ONE question, but not both. Use partner drive whenever possible so you don’t rack up damages. You have more leeway with high speed chases, but if you start plowing into sidewalks, or kill anyone accidentally, take off in the other direction to fail and start that part over with no penalty. You can go back to the main menu (the headlights on the side of the building) and go to “Cases” to replay anything you didn’t 5 star the first time.

MagpieMagpie- find and inspect 95% of clues. If you use a guide, you’ll get this no problem. Use LB in large areas to highlight all clues on your minimap. You don’t have to inspect EVERYTHING in an area, just the pertinent clues.

Roscoe And FriendsPick up every weapon dropped when you kill people, and there is only one rough part in the game.

Make sure when you assault the bank as a Patrol Officer (Armed and Dangerous) that you drop the shotgun (LB) to use the Colt M1917I pistol. This is the only chance you have.

After you make detective, your default gun is the Star Model P.

The shotgun is Ithaca 37.

At the movie set shootout, you can find an M1 Garand.

M1A1 Thompson (Tommy Gun w/ straight magazine) (a few street crimes in Traffic and Homicide, the Black Caesar, A Polite Invitation, Different Kind of War)

M1 Thompson (round rum) is available in two places in Manifest Destiny

Colt .45 is Jack Kelso’s sidearm, used in Arson

Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) M1918A1 during Army Surplus, A Different Kind of War, Cafe Holdup

The one that is tricky is the M2 Flamethrower. It’s sitting in a storage room that you’ll probably walk into in the normal course of the game, in the river tunnels, A Different Kind of War. You’ll drop into the sewer after picking it up, and the water will start to rise. There is a guy in the room across from you. You have to go to where the guard rails are to get across, so you can get close enough to hit the guy. Try to get him now. Go up the ladder, and if you haven’t killed the guy with a flamethrower, just hang out in that room, and there will be two more that will come down.

The DLC Chicago Piano is not counted.

Miles On The ClockPublic Menace

Drive more than 194.7 miles and $47,000 in penalties in a single story case. I drove around from special car to special car, getting into high speed head-on collisions until my engine was on fire, then hopped in another car and continued doing that. I had to have killed at least 20 cars like that, several of them being ‘special’ cars because they are worth more money, and I had about $55,000 in car damage alone. Keep in mind this is 1940 dollars, so cars aren’t worth as much as they are now… maybe $2000. That’s why you use the special cars. If you want, just keep doing it to the Phantom Corsair. It’s one of the most expensive cars. This has to be done during a non-DLC story mission. If you crash a bunch of cars, then go to the next stop in your mission, you can check the Case Tracker in the Social Club and see how much damage you’ve done so far so you can ramp it up, or just finish the mission. It’s in the top right corner of the screen on the Social Club website. You will get one star for completing the mission, so I’d suggest doing this before your quest for Shamus to the Stars, or after it’s unlocked. I don’t know if it will affect your count if you’ve already 5 starred it but haven’t done the rest.


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