L.A. Noire

Got back into this one pretty deep. The game itself is a little stale once you’ve been playing for a while. You drive, but don’t hit anyone or anything. You can shoot, but only certain missions at certain times, and you don’t have different guns to choose from (except picking them up from bodies). You pretty much spend your time wandering around people’s houses, picking up their stuff, and accusing people of lying to you. The story got pretty good for a little bit during Homicide, but now on Vice, it’s back to plain vanilla. Speaking of which, I think I’ll have some ice cream. 🙂

If you really want to get 100%, but, like me, are not very good at telling whether someone is lying, you can use this guide. It is pretty helpful.

The Fighting SixthThe HunchThe Third DegreeNot So HastyWooden Overcoats

The Fighting Sixth- talk Felix into giving up the Marines (Secret), this is at the Bus Shooting in “Manifest Destiny.” First is doubt, second is a lie with the sniper’s notebook as evidence.

The Hunch- use four intuition points in one session, and get all questions right. In the first traffic case (the one with the pig’s blood), look for the wallet, the glasses, the pipe, the car, the coroner, and the trunk of the car. Use an intuition point to remove an answer each time. He speaks the truth, except when you ask about the wallet. At that point, doubt him. You can do this in a number of cases, but this is where I did it.

The Third Degree- use the guide, or in “The Set Up” when talking to the chick, she lies (magazine coupon), lies (list of bookies, then doubt. This is the only conversation in this mission, so it is really short.

Not So Hasty- stop a suspect with a warning shot- when chasing (but only if your gun is out), when your perp is on a straight path, use LT to target the guy. If the circle fills up before he breaks line of sight, you fire a warning shot automatically. Marriage Made in Heaven was the one I was on.

Wooden Overcoats- kill 30 bad guys with headshots. Shoot them in the head.

Eight Million StoriesFakelooChauffeur ServiceGive My Regards

The Naked City DLC- (Vice) the first one, inspecting all the narcotics at Julia’s apartment, is covered in yesterday’s post.

Fakeloo- Tail Henry from the Station to the pawnbroker and travel agent without being spotted. You can use cover and incognito. If you fail, go to the xbox dashboard and reload. Sometimes these types of achievements won’t pop if you don’t do it on the “first” try.

Chauffeur Service- Escort Heather to Arnett’s apartment without damaging your vehicle. Turn on the siren to prevent dumb drivers from hitting you, and take it slow. There is no time limit besides your own patience.

Give My Regards- in the final scene, you are in a shootout with a guy on top of the Broadway Hotel. He starts scaling the radio tower. Shoot down all the letters, starting with the top. If the letters fall on other letters, you have less to shoot. As long as the lights all go out, it should pop.

The Printer's DevilNowhere In A HurryFemme ImbécileChop ShopRacing For Pinks

A Slip of the Tongue DLC (Traffic)

Nowhere in a Hurry- stop the green car at the beginning before the black and whites do. Just T-bone him if you can, or spin him out. Make him crash into another car. Whatever it takes. Reload if you see the black and whites.

Femme Imbecile- correctly branch every question when dealing with Jean Archer. Two are doubts. The only lie is the one about association with Belasco, which is an obvious lie (Cole even calls her out on it for you), use the “stolen auto courier” for evidence.

Chop Shop- kill a goon by shooting the hanging engine block. This one was the most difficult in this DLC. If you go inside, the guy under the block tends to move, and you can’t get a clear shot from your starting position. Run around to where your partner is and you’ll see it hanging from a rope just on the other side of the shop. Shoot the rope, and hopefully it will pop. If not, let yourself get shot and try, try again.

Racing for Pinks- find and inspect all the pink slips. For the most part, you’ll get these during conversations. The one odd-man-out is the box of slips in Bigelow’s office, on his desk.


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