Slow Day

Played quite a bit Mass Effect early, but no achievements there yet. I’m having a really rough time on Hunt Volcano on Pinnacle Station on Insanity. It seems like it stops giving time for kills after 20-something. I’ve read that a lot of other people have that issue as well, but there are just as many who do not.

I started L.A. Noire again, and got 2 achievements for 35 GS.

The MooseA Good-Looking Corpse

The first is in “The Set Up” for following Candy Edwards all the way to her destination without being spotted, without using cover or incognito. Just stick behind walls (but don’t hit RB) and wait for the red marker to blink before running to the next corner.

The second is in the DLC “The Naked City” for examining all the drugs in the victim’s house. There is a tin next to her bed with 2 types in it, (hit “A” while examining it), pills at the end of her bed (flip it over while examining), and the trashcan in the lobby.

I’m calling it a night early because the slow pace of this game has me getting tired.


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