Final Toy Story 3

The game has some “minor” glitches, that unfortunately mean I won’t get 1000GS without completely replaying the game. The candy shop never unlocked, even though I got a quest involving it. Because of that, I won’t get all of the costumes, which means I probably won’t be able to do all the Pict-o-matics, and I definitely won’t be able to get all the gold stars or purchase all items. Rather than sink another 5 hours into the game, seeing if I can do everything else, I’m cutting my losses. that’s 200 GS I won’t see.

Give Me My Gold BackPhotojournalist

Secret achievement- beat Mayor Hamm in Woody’s Roundup- keep completing his missions to unlock it. Make sure you get the picture of him in front of the Town Hall in camera challenges first! 75GS

The other is for all camera missions- 15GS

The one major issue I had involved the Ogre Hoarding Treasure mission in Lotso’s Garden. I hit him with shrink goo, but then couldn’t tag him to get the treasure. I hit him with grow goo, and it gave me the star. Someone else said you can hit him with the magic wand the first time and it will pop.

Finally, the last Mass Effect achievement I’ll probably get until I complete the game on Insanity with Garrus and Kaidan-

Sniper Expert150 kills with a sniper rifle- 15GS

I’ll send Toy Story back tomorrow and focus on ME and probably LA Noire in the meantime.


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