More Toy Story and A Little Rock Band

Cuddly TownSpooky Town These first two are for buying stuff from the Al’s chicken. I only have one thing left to purchase.

MapnipulatorOn the game board, map, use the crayon to hover over EVERYTHING and hit A. dice, checker pieces, cannon, etc. There are two pieces you get for collecting things in the story mode.

Pict-O-AmateurPict-O-CollectorComplete a full disc of Pict-O-Matics, and find all 6 discs for it. Check out the guide I linked yesterday to find anything you’re missing.

Airborn RangerHit 15 Paratrooper Targets. I think there are five for each of the little green army men. If you can’t find one, look under bridges and ledges, and in canyons. They like to hide one from you.

Rescue Space RangerSecret achievement- save Mayor Hamm from the bandits. A mission that pops up after you’ve done some stuff.

Pro Keys to the MaxRock Band 3- max out your multiplier (8x, during overdrive with a 4x normal multiplier) on Pro Keys. Did this on Bohemian Rhapsody Easy.

Overall, today’s haul was 9 achievements for 160 GS, total 23,937.

I also got a couple hours farther into Mass Effect. I got to level 20 and headed for Luna to get my specialization class. I chose Shock Trooper to get quicker recharging Immunity. By the time I face Saren, I should be able to string Immunity together near-constantly. By the time it runs out, it will have recharged again. I am, however, thinking about possibly going straight through the campaign to get Insanity out of the way, then go back for all the side missions to get Garrus and Kaidan’s achievements on casual, just to make it quicker. I’m not sure yet.


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