Toy Story 3, Part 2

Just a quick update today: 8 achievements for 110 GS

Off the HookDefeat ZurgCarnival ConquerorRocket LauncherMaking a break for it

These are for story mission completion… I think I only have one left, but stopped short to get some Mass Effect time in as well.

True Carny This is for getting the gold in all 3 carny games when you are in the Day Care during the story. Pop all the balloons on Bullseye, ride your tiny racer through all 10 blocks, and hit all 100 aliens (hold RT) to earn it.

To Infinity… This one is in Toy Box mode. Just buy the building- 5000 gold.

No SwimmingAfter doing enough missions in Toy Box mode, you’ll unlock a Mayor mission to break a dam. After you do that, you’ll unlock this achievement.


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