Toy Story 3, Part 1

Only played a little bit tonight, enough to sample the wares. I have quite a bit of reading to do over the next 5 weeks, so I thought I’d get a head start on that instead.

Toy Story 3 is an E 10+ rated game based on the hit movie of the same title. Seriously, the movie was super-awesome, possibly even if you don’t care for kids movies. I think I cried the last half hour of the thing. Anyway, when I first heard about this game, it really piqued my interest because of one thing: Toy Box Mode. There is a story to play through, but there is also an open world sort of mode where you just take any character and run around doing things for other people. In a way, it reminded me of a more interesting WoW. Some missions are “paint 3 buildings” or “gather 5 cowbells,” but some are racing on Bullseye or stunt track driving in a (semi-)customizable car. You can pick up townsfolk and throw them into the tailor shop or barbershop to customize each character. Some missions want you to re-create a picture by customizing some characters and taking a picture of it.

The graphics are spot-on with the movie, and while I can’t be sure if the voice actors are the real actors from the movie, if they aren’t, they sure sound real. I’ll look it up some day, I’m sure. “You’ve Got  A Friend in Me,” a classic Disney tune from the original movie plays in the background quite a bit, but I don’t mind because I love that song!

So far, I’m finding it enjoyable, but I’m not sure how long it will hold my attention. There seems to be quite a bit to do, but, if it is anything like the WoW analogy I used earlier, it may feel too much like grinding.

Today’s haul: 8 achievements for 100 GS

First BronzeFirst SilverFirst GoldFirst SaleWelcome to Town

No Toy Left BehindTrain CatcherOff the Hook

The vehicle race achievements do not nest, so you have to earn bronze, silver, and gold each. Getting gold does not unlock the other two. The other two on the top row are for buying my first toy in Woody’s Roundup (Toy Box Mode), and completing Mayor Hamm’s tutorials. The second row is for the first two story levels- Loco Motives and Hold the Phone, and for rescuing all the orphans on the train level. There are quite a few time consuming achievements that will likely also need a keen eye or thorough walkthroughs to complete.


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