Mass Effect, Part 5

Big day today. Completed Pinnacle Station and Virmire with 26 hours in. I finally unlocked Ashley’s Ally, so Tali shouldn’t be too far behind. Now that I have the final world unlocked, I’ll go back and clean up more side quests until Tali’s is unlocked, then finish it off. I may even hit 50 this go-round. I’m at 47 now.

So today- 3 achievements, 120 GS (23,127 total)

Best of the Best- complete all 12 simulations in 1st place. The toughest for me were the Time Trials, especially running on Hardcore. Tropical took me FOR-Eh-Vuh. Finally, I figured out to use RB constantly, even switching between targets because 1:20 is NOT enough. Send your team ahead a bit (though I usually use Ash and Tali, I had to switch Tali out for Garrus or Wrex for this one) while you take out the first group. Once done there, take out the 2nd group that your team should already be destroying. Once that’s done, send your team to the right while you go straight to the corner. Kill the 3 there, then head back to the right to meet up with your dudes. Never stop moving. Use storm whenever you can, and don’t forget your melee is really powerful, but also takes a lot of time.

Undisputed- once you do all 12 missions in 1st place, Ahern will give you a bonus mission. Use the first chunk to activate the two turrets to the side. After you get the data pad, you’ll have tons of enemies on you. Run up to where the sniper spawns on one side (near the turret you started near, but up against the right hand wall), and send your team to the same spot on the other side. When I did this, all the enemies streamed towards them, letting me take them out. Use grenades, singularity, lift, etc. and when both of your teammates are dead, Unity them back to life and keep going. Stay alive for 5 minutes.

Soldier Ally- 45 missions and assignments, though I think it was more than that. More than likely my problem here was because I have the tendency to try to skip the conversations since I’ve played the game multiple times before. Doing this, however, causes me to accidentally turn down missions. While I counted more than 45 in my journal, some of those may have been ‘failed’ or ‘turned down’ rather than completed.

Well, it’s later than I thought, so I’m off to bed. Good night, and good Geth hunting, all!


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