Another Mass Effect Day

I thought I’d have Toy Story 3 by today, but I don’t, so I finished my Hardcore run early today and started in on Insanity with a soldier, Garrus, and Kaidan, all Paragon.

I finally got Ashley’s Ally achievement last night, but I couldn’t remember if I’d already posted that, so here it is again. I received Tali’s while I was detained on the Citadel, so I went straight to Ilos to finish the game. Distinguished Combat Medal is for playing all the way through on Hardcore, and Long Service is for playing 2 complete playthroughs of the main storyline (the first time I went through was December 2007, apparently). Not much else to talk about- for those 4 achieements, I received 90 GS. My actual GS is now 23,197, but my TrueAchievement score is 30,066.

This is really a great game, and if you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it and the sequel, especially before 3 comes out in March. They are capable of standing alone, but one of the best parts of the series is that your actions in one have repercussions in the others, so playing all the way through is part of the fun. Even if you aren’t a fan of RPGs or shooters, I’d say this is worth a try. Especially since you can find them in the bargain bin. Disliking something about one or two is not necessarily cause to dismiss the other, either. There were several changes made to gameplay after one, like ammo, squad controls, inventory management, and more. As long as you enjoy interactive storytelling, this is a must-play.


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