Mass Effect, Part 3

I’ve been trying to earn at least one achievement each day, but if I plan on playing Mass Effect much longer, I’ll have to diversify the games I play. Because I’ve already earned all the easier ones, I pretty much have to finish the game 3 times to earn the rest. I did get one today, for using Stasis 75 times.

I am surprised that I haven’t had Ashley’s achievement pop yet, and Tali’s should be just a few quests behind. I’m starting to wonder if you have to get to the end of the game for it to actually pop. Maybe I’ll have to get Pinnacle Station after all. I am at level 41 or 42, so 50 shouldn’t be too far off. Sixty will be a pain, especially since you have to continue playing after the end of the game to get it. I need AI hack, neural shock, damping, and overload, all of which are engineer talents, and 150 sniper rifle kills.

I’m going to keep this short tonight because I have a killer headache. On to tomorrow!


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