Mass Effect 1, Part 2

Got my “first” playthrough through several side missions, Noveria, and Therum. Went back to the Citadel to do the Round 2 missions and finish up the keepers.

Where are the keepers for Chorban and Jahleed’s Scan the Keepers Quest?

Citadel Tower (4)
One next to Chorban when you start the quest, one behind Rear Admiral Kahoku, one all the way up and to the right of the podium where you speak to the Council, and one almost all the way back down to the left before you get to the circle around the planter.

Presidium (8)
One right outside the tower. One just before the Wards Access, one in the Embassy Lounge, out on the balcony. Come out of the Lounge towards the Embassies and stay to the left for another. One in the Volus/Elcor office. One outside the Consort’s Chambers, one on the side passage upstairs from the Consort, one behind the Hanar’s shop.

Flux/Wards Access (2)
One in the back of Flux by the gambling machines, one in the side room in the Wards Access (between the Wards and the Presidium).

Upper Wards (3)
One in the back alley (red) where you rescue Tali. One in the back of the market by the Volus shopkeeper. One behind the Med Clinic by the Fast Travel stop.

Lower Wards (1) One by the C-Sec officer writing a ticket below the Med Clinic.

C-Sec Academy (2)
One near the turian requisition officer, one in Traffic Control.

Docking Bay (1)
All the way at the end of the gangway, to the right. If you don’t see it, it’s because you have an active quest on the gangway. Finish it, go back inside, and come back to reload the area. It should reappear.

No more achievements yet. I anticipated this being a long process. I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to do quite as much as is required to get the rest. There’s a reason I never did it before. The good news is, the first time I actually beat the game, I was a paragon. This time I started with a renegade, so even if I decide not to do the other 2, at least I have an opposite starter for ME2, and then ME3. I am up to level 29, though, with about 10 hours of saved content. That doesn’t include the several times spent dying, typically courtesy of Lady Benezia.

GameFly is being very slow, as usual, so they still haven’t ‘received’ Red Faction. The next games on my list that have been released already are Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Assassing’s Creed: Brotherhood, Toy Story 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Wipeout: In the Zone, Child of Eden, Alice: The Madness Returns, and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Here’s hoping it’s something good. Cars 2 and Dungeon Siege III are also on the list and are released Tuesday, so if they wait long enough, maybe I’ll get something new, like with Red Faction. Here’s hoping. I have my Queue set up by release date, so the newest ones, and the ones that aren’t released yet, are on top, with few notable exceptions.


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