Red Faction Final

So at first, this being my first Red Faction game, I didn’t understand why everybody was calling it a linear shooter, like it was a bad thing. After all, Call of Duty is a short linear shooter more focused on multiplayer than the story. Why would a longer, broader linear shooter be so bad? Then I found out that the original Red Faction games were open world, more or less. Ah. I get it. You’re mourning your series, not this particular game. Gotcha.

So, as I said, it is a linear shooter. There is no “cover” system. OK, neither does Call of Duty. What it has better than that is a multitude of enemy types- not always just people, there are different types of aliens, jumping around all over, there are aliens the size of buildings for you to take down, etc. The destruction is good fun, especially paired with the magnet gun. Instead of cover, you have your nano-forge. It can call a full shield to you which also attacks enemies in melee range with nanites. This nano-forge can also blast enemies and buildings out of your way, increase your attack speed and damage, or cause enemies to float helplessly in air while you crush their puny bodies. Oh, it also repairs the damage you (inadvertently?) caused. I’d say that not only is the single player campaign longer than say, Black Ops, but it is also deeper in the tactical choices. Instead of just choosing which two weapons to take with you, there is an entire slew of upgrade options, tactics to use, and a variety of enemies. For a linear shooter, you could do much worse.

The multiplayer may not have the replay value of Call of Duty though. Up to four player co-op, you can join your buddies in survival or defense mode which involves surviving while repairing your objective. Thirty levels of escalating intensity in about 16 maps, and, unless you like splattering aliens for the heck of it, you’re done. It doesn’t quite have the same replay as shooting another player whose tactics may actually change at some point.

All in all, I’d say a definite rent, possible buy if you really like hearing aliens pop like popcorn with a well-armed Shockwave.

All For One, One For AllSoldierIn. The. Face!

These are the last achievements I’ll get on this game.

All for One, One for All: Finish a 4 player infestation game beyond wave 9 without anyone bleeding out. I joined a group at about wave 6 and it popped, so I’m thinking as long as it is 4 players throughout, and nobody bleeds out, you can switch people in and out as much as you want. The four in the team when 9 is complete are the four that should pop.

Soldier: Waves 1-10 on any map- even if you join a group at wave 9 or 10, you personally have to do all 1-10. I did it offline, solo. It only really starts picking up in difficulty around level 9, so this one isn’t too difficult to get.

In. The. Face! Kill one of each enemy type w/ the Maul- this includes the Cultist, the Cultist Herald (look for heavy weapons), the Shiva walker (one in the very first level), the creeper (little guy), alpha creeper (bigger crawler), the ravager (red or blue, only need one),  wraith (invisible twerps), berserker (first tank-ish guy) and the behemoth- the big giant tank. I suggest doing these on Infestation or Story mode on casual. If you think you got it done, but it didn’t pop, keep going after the berserkers. They are hard to get without them exploding. Try getting one down a bit, then knocking him down with Impact or Shockwave so he can’t explode before the killing blow. I thought I had completed it probably 10 times before it finally worked. Those guys suck.

So the ones I’m not going to get include shoulder bashing 5 enemies with one LEO shoulder bash (they wouldn’t line up), play one round on each Infestation map (have to unlock all maps by playing the first set up to round 5 first), play 1-20 and 1-30 on Infestation (my hands are cramping), and perform revival 25 times in Infestation (meh). I don’t think I’d get 1-30 unless I played for another week, and I’m anxious to turn this one in to get another, so the others are mostly just collateral damage. I don’t mind not getting them, so I’m done. 1-20 and 1-30 would have given me another 125, but the other 3 are only 45 combined.  It would have brought me over 23,000 GS, but 22,927 will just have to do for tonight.


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