SPOILERS! D&D Daggerdale

I’ve gotten a couple hits from search terms like “Daggerdale final boss fight,” so I decided to give the public what it wants. If you don’t want to know how to finish the final boss fight, don’t look!! I warned you.

Final fight Part 1:

There are a lot of people on the field of battle, but try to focus your damage on Rezlus. As you reach certain damage points, you’ll see your allies in cut-scenes. You can also use the trebuchets along the sides- one lever turns it forward or back, and the other launches the missile. This is also the easiest way to get the achievement for >75 damage in one hit.

Final fight Part 2:

When you injure Rezlus badly enough, he’ll call down a dragon. One of your dwarf friends will say to aim for the claws. Again, you can use the trebuchets if you’d like. Otherwise, just do whatever you do to get the two front feet down. The dragon will take swipes at you if you are melee-ing, and try to blow fire at you if you are ranging him. Now you can target his head. He’ll try to bite, swipe, and breath fire at you. Just keep swigging those potions, and take him down. At this point, he’ll fly up to regroup. Where his tail was, is a wall of fire. You’ll only have a short amount of time after the fire goes down to get back and hit “Y” on Rezlus before the dragon comes back and blocks the path.

Final fight Part 3:

After a cut-scene, you’ll be attached to the dragon’s back, and XYAB prompts will warn you when the dragon tries to toss you off. Start crawling up the beast’s back, hitting the buttons when prompted. There are gaps in some of his plates along his back. That’s when you cross over to the other side to avoid the fire breath. When you get to his head, there will be some more prompts as he tries to eat you and you finish him for good.

Congratulations. In five minutes of reading, now you know what it took me two hours to figure out for myself. 🙂


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